Sunday, July 08, 2007

Movie Watch! - Transformers

Yea, I don't know why I posted these either.

Transformers (2007) - The most absolutely ridiculous/awesome movie I've seen all summer. It was such a terribly cheesy, crappy, pointless, plotless film, but it was such a treat to watch. The audience seemed to love it, or at least the first two hours of it, but then it got long and confusing and kinda of even more stupid. Director Michael Bay made a pretty good first hour, a decent second hour, but a fairly strenuous last half an hour, all of which combines for a film of absurd insanity. Megan Fox dresses the part of an action-movie girl with her magical cleavage provided by magical bras that somehow provided absurdly excellent push-up properties while completely failing to provide any coverage. That's the magic of fashion at work. She also has that slightly toothy thing going on, which combined with her eerily glassy eyes, makes her look like the stunned doll that men seem to love so much right now. Oddly, none of the males were really worth looking at, but Shia LaBeouf did provide an ample amount of comic relief. Too bad he isn't more a-dork-able. That's all beside the point. It was a fun movie for the summer. Buy popcorn (or smuggle in some refrigerated cookie dough). 6.5/10

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David said...

dude, I'm totally on an iPhone. I really do like this web browser. A lot, actually, which is hard for me to admit. The keyboard is actually rather enjoyable after a few minutes. The predictive text and the resulting sensitivity adjustments for each letter are really well done. The lack of tactile feedback is disconcerting. I really don't like the fact that the punctuation is buried, it makes it a little too difficult to put anything but a period or comma in. It's hard when you miss a letter because there is no feedback to tell you that you missed a key. I haven't browsed the menus yet but I'll get there. Bye!