Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fall In Love With...

Chris Evans! Just do it. I guarentee you won't regret it. Who actually watched Fantastic Four for a reason besides Jessica Alba or Chris Evans in skintight droolness? Nobody.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Top 5 for Spring - # 4

Sophia Kokosalaki! Imagine if Marchesa had been around for years, had smarter, more sophisticated tailoring and actually had the craftsmanship to back up the investment- worthy pieces. What would you get? The most amazing, underrated Grecian designer that nobody seems to notice as much as they should. She's finally been coming into her own over the last few seasons. Some may remember that she designed Bjork's massive gown for the Olympics a few years back. Literally, massive, as in covering-the-entire-stadium- field massive. She also designed some outfits for the Greek athletes competing in the events. Last fall, she joined Thakoon Panichgul and Vivienne Westwood to do a capsule collection for Nine West. All of this and she's still not a household name! Maybe if she got around to doing a Target Go! International collection, like the new, stunning Proenza Schouler guys have out...

Anyways, her show for Spring/Summer 2007 was amazing. As if she were still auditioning to revive Madame Vionnet's design house (which, natch, is already underway), she showed the most chicly modern goddess dresses I've seen all season. Cropped and swingy, she showed frocks more refined than any of the other trapeze dresses out right now. Unlike Marchesa's cheap and frothy unfinished hems, these showed much better attention to detailing. Hemlines resembled the waves crashing upon a Mediterranean beach, silky and irresistible. While dresses were the main focus, there were certainly a wide assortment of easy walking shorts for every shape and size. Summer, here we come!

Random Discovery of the Day

I got really confused watching the music video for Silversun Pickups' "Lazy Eye". Why in the world is that young thing styled so androgynous? It took me a full two and a half minutes to figure out that thing was a girl. I didn't even get it until her t-shirt dress tipped me off at the end. I absolutely despise ugly, short pixie cuts on girls. They look like drab, uninteresting versions of prettier girls.
I can't say it enough. Paolo Nutini, Paolo Nutini, Paolo Nutini. Well, there you go. Anyways, listen to his CD in its entirety before it comes out on Tuesday at Sweet!
Random Discovery of the Day

When I was little, one of the movies I never forgot was A Little Princess, from 1995. It was a pretty emotional affecting movie by the standards of children's fare. Looking back at the movie, I've learned three little facts:

1 - Camilla Belle was actually one of the little girls in the movie

2 - It was directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the amazing director behind Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Y tu mamá también

3 - The title character was played by Liesel Matthews, whose real last name is Pritzker, as in the family that is consistently in Forbes' Wealthiest Families list. They founded the Hyatt hotel chain, as well as Royal Caribbean Cruises and TransUnion Credit Union, among other entities, raking in a net worth of some $15 billion. She and her brother sued their parents for withheld assets from their trust funds, netting each of them $500 million, making them two of the richest young people in America. And now she goes to Columbia. Blegh!
Fall in Love With...

Camilla Belle!
Actually, I'm not sure how much I like her. I know she's absolutely stunning in a completely modern, unconventional way, slightly exotic with her mother's Brazilian features. However, she looks like some odd slice of Midwestern outsider, who desires to be completely original and taken oh-so-seriously with absolutely no merit. Her look simultaneously familiar and fresh, haughty and desirable, quirky and tasteful. She certainly knows how to wear a dress better than anyone I know. I have to admit, I haven't seen any of her movies, most especially not When A Stranger Calls. She was in The Chumscrubber, which I always wanted to watch, as well as Rip Girls, the Disney Channel Original movie from 2000 that I never really got into. She was in the Miu Miu ads with Kim Basinger last year, and she's currently the face of Vera Wang's new fragrance Princess. She's in Vogue's Best-Dressed 2006 list. She can be either absolutely stunning or slightly off-kilter. I think that's what makes her worth watching, I just need to learn more about her acting skills first.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good News!

For us non-Europeans, getting ahold of Paolo Nutini's hit debut album, These Streets, involved buying an overpriced import CD. But no longer! Out January 30 on our side of the Atlantic, the CD is gaining well-deserved notice, with the dreamy young thing being compared to everyone from James Blunt to Joe Cocker to Al Green to Rod Stewart. I certainly agree that he's worth listening to. Get a sneak peek here.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

China Men

For my Topics in Asian-American Literature class, we're reading Maxine Hong Kingston's China Men, a fascinating look at the experiences of three generations of Chinese immigrants. Definitely worth reading! Check out more about the book at this BookRag:

BookRags: China Men Summary

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Color Watch

In addition to International Klein Blue being one of the most amazing colors for this year, I'm sniffing out that eau de nil is going to have a big year too. It's the most gorgeous "pale yellowish green colour" that's reminiscent of the water of the Nile. Or so it says. I've never seen the Nile, so I can't vouch for that. But it's certainly undeniably pretty!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Top 5 for Spring - # 3

Miu Miu! Ignore the fact that the ad campaign for this season is surely a regrettable one. The show was truly amazing, continuing Miuccia Prada's crusade to evolve the brand into something other than just Prada's little sister. The show had such an entirely distinct personality - still very Miuccia, but so strong and powerful and chic all the same. The jewel-toned satin-for-day theme continued Prada's Milan message, except this time with skinny-legged, blocky-topped power suiting replacing Prada's super short shorts. There were also new pencil skirt silhouettes, now longer and skinnier than what's been on the runways this year. The look was flawless, making silhouettes that should feel outdated and familiar now seem entirely fresh and unpredictable, something only Miuccia could pull off. The best part of the show? The most covetable shoes I have seen in years. Fantastic!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Office

I admit. I am entirely addicted to The Office. But not the original British version. I love the American version so much more. Maybe it's because I draw too many comparisons between the two. I've seen every American episode so far at least twice, some as many as 7 or 8 times, so I've probably got the that version burnished in my mind a little too deeply. But really, the problem is that the British version is, well, British, and I can't seem to fully understand their accents for more than a minute or two at a time. I always know what's going on, because the storyline was derived from the American version, but I just haven't gotten into it as much as I have for Steve Carell's drab perfection.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Top 5 for Spring - # 2

Jun Takahashi made what I considered his best collection yet. Bringing together masculine tailoring with acid green, deep navy and violet in very spring-appropriate lightweight silks and floaty chiffons is a difficult enough task to take on. But Takahashi went one step further and imbued the collection with a sweetly gothic sensibility, with sly satin skulls used on everything from trims to hems to entire coats. Particulary gorgeous examples include the chartreuse baby-doll dress and black shirtdress at left.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Top 5 for Spring - # 1

! Sleek, futuristic, ultramodern, and techno-chic were all buzzwords used to describe Nicolas Ghesquière's latest collection for Balenciaga, quickly pushing him into the leader position of the "new guard" in fashion. That elite group (with such members as Giles Deacon and Yves Saint Laurent's Stefano Pilati) deserves all the recognition they get. As for Nicolas, his vision for spring is neither clean nor fussy, neither retro nor robotic. It just feels like something entirely unexpected, delivered in a manner only somebody as respected as Nicolas could ever get away with. It was almost sweet, not nearly as bluntly sexual as all the patent leather and metallic gleam would suggest. The masculine pieces were reduced into something intensely silken and delicately floaty. Everyone will be clamoring over those sunglass goggles come February!

Friday, January 05, 2007

What I'm Looking For...

Really, it's not hard. I just want somebody who likes the same things I do. Really, somebody who wouldn't mind doing these:

- Spending the afternoon browsing through used bookstores.
- Making late night trips to 24/7 grocery stores.
- Sneaking dark chocolate into the movie theatre.
- Falling asleep at the beach.
- Absorbing all the new magazines at Barnes & Noble.
- Searching for a sushi joint that makes good spicy salmon rolls.
- Patronizing tasty and cheap teriyaki joints.
- Playing board games.

I also like nerds in glasses. Blame on watching 'The Holiday' and 'Ugly Betty'. I can't help myself. In other news, isn't it creepy that Comcast now has On-Demand video dating profiles? I find that so bizarre...

Guilty Pleasure...

What's absolutely gorgeous, has four doors, and may be the sweetest choice ever for a sunny day?

Hint: Look to your left.

Answer: The upcoming 2008 Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive, which is apparently the first four-door convertible since dinosaurs ruled the earth. It blatently crosses the line between absurdly expensive and obscenely expensive, but, goodness gracious, it is gorgeous.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Favorite Jeans

I am a big fan of wearing jeans. I adore jeans. I could live in the right pair of jeans for a good year or two. Thus, I will share with you my favorite jeans, the jeans I actually do live in right now.

1) Earnest Sewn - Fulton #50 in Line Dry (about $210, but I certainly got mine for a helluva cheaper than that from Frankey's) - Cut with a straight leg and made from Osaka selvedge denim (Japan and Italy loom the best denim), these jeans are neither bootcut nor stick-skinny. The dark, raw wash is also perfect for both more formal and more casual occasions. Literally, these jeans can take you anywhere with the right styling. I absolutely adore them, and you can smell...I mean...tell. Kidding!

2) Cheap Monday - Tight in OD Black ($65 at Barneys, Riveted, or Blackbird) - Very reasonably priced and absurdly comfortable, with 2% spandex for a surprisingly stretchy and liberating fit. They're better than wearing girl's jeans, because they're cut for a guy and they stretch so deliciously. I could wear them every day, but I won't, because they'll smell bad.

3) Diesel - Preslim ($99 at Nordstrom, but I got mine for a price so low I don't think I will mention it) - My dirty little secret: boy's jeans in my size are so much cheaper than men's jeans (mine are a boy's 16). Plus, they seem remarkably cut so much slimmer and slicker than any of the men's Diesels I have. Thin cotton makes them perfect for summer.

4) Kasil - Whitman in Atlantic ($165, but again, I got them so much on sale, it hurts) - Very slimming straight leg jeans, made from very sturdy denim, with remarkable detailing in every button, rivet, seam, and whatnot. Good for daily running-around-campus.

In other news, I just got a perfect score on today's Scrabble Grams. Score = 224! Kickass.
Technology Hates Me...

Yikes, Sara and I have had the worst luck with technology as of late. Her laptop died in November, and as of a week or so ago, mine appears to have done the same. Sara's cell phone doesn't seem to like being unplugged from the charger. Mine likes to restart any time the battery charge goes down a bar or whenever I write a text message too quickly, and it's apparently the only phone tha doesn't work in the mountains. Sara's iPod has severe mental disabilities. Mariah Carey's CD won't eject from the car CD player. I could go on, but I'm afraid this computer will explode or something like that.

On that note, what I'm not listening to is anything on my laptop, because i have no access to my iTunes collection until I find a way to turn the damn laptop on. What I am listening is a selection of lovely music that I've scoured online, mostly from YouTube, as well as the wonderful musical stylings of Movin' 92.5 FM, which has transformed into something I'm actually excited about listening to. It's all quite charming, really.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

May this year be memorable for all the right reasons! I turn 20 so soon! So that's it. I henceforth announce my resolutions for 2007!

1) Reduce waste. Of all sorts. No more wasting time, no more wasting money, no more wasting energy, no more wasting electricity, no more wasting food, no more!

2) Increase all that is good. Increase time spent with family. Increase time spent with friends. Increase GPA. Increase credit score. Increase sanity. Increase everything good!

More to come...