Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Favorite Jeans

I am a big fan of wearing jeans. I adore jeans. I could live in the right pair of jeans for a good year or two. Thus, I will share with you my favorite jeans, the jeans I actually do live in right now.

1) Earnest Sewn - Fulton #50 in Line Dry (about $210, but I certainly got mine for a helluva cheaper than that from Frankey's) - Cut with a straight leg and made from Osaka selvedge denim (Japan and Italy loom the best denim), these jeans are neither bootcut nor stick-skinny. The dark, raw wash is also perfect for both more formal and more casual occasions. Literally, these jeans can take you anywhere with the right styling. I absolutely adore them, and you can smell...I mean...tell. Kidding!

2) Cheap Monday - Tight in OD Black ($65 at Barneys, Riveted, or Blackbird) - Very reasonably priced and absurdly comfortable, with 2% spandex for a surprisingly stretchy and liberating fit. They're better than wearing girl's jeans, because they're cut for a guy and they stretch so deliciously. I could wear them every day, but I won't, because they'll smell bad.

3) Diesel - Preslim ($99 at Nordstrom, but I got mine for a price so low I don't think I will mention it) - My dirty little secret: boy's jeans in my size are so much cheaper than men's jeans (mine are a boy's 16). Plus, they seem remarkably cut so much slimmer and slicker than any of the men's Diesels I have. Thin cotton makes them perfect for summer.

4) Kasil - Whitman in Atlantic ($165, but again, I got them so much on sale, it hurts) - Very slimming straight leg jeans, made from very sturdy denim, with remarkable detailing in every button, rivet, seam, and whatnot. Good for daily running-around-campus.

In other news, I just got a perfect score on today's Scrabble Grams. Score = 224! Kickass.

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