Friday, January 05, 2007

What I'm Looking For...

Really, it's not hard. I just want somebody who likes the same things I do. Really, somebody who wouldn't mind doing these:

- Spending the afternoon browsing through used bookstores.
- Making late night trips to 24/7 grocery stores.
- Sneaking dark chocolate into the movie theatre.
- Falling asleep at the beach.
- Absorbing all the new magazines at Barnes & Noble.
- Searching for a sushi joint that makes good spicy salmon rolls.
- Patronizing tasty and cheap teriyaki joints.
- Playing board games.

I also like nerds in glasses. Blame on watching 'The Holiday' and 'Ugly Betty'. I can't help myself. In other news, isn't it creepy that Comcast now has On-Demand video dating profiles? I find that so bizarre...

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