Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Movie Watch! - Une affaire de goût

Une affaire de goût (2000) - Bernard Rapp directed this French psychological thriller that ended up getting six César nominations (like a French Oscar). Jean-Pierre Lorit was nominated for 'Most Promising Actor' at the Césars for his role as Nicolas Rivière, a young, very handsome waiter who falls into the twisted hands of Frédéric Delamont (played by Bernard Giraudeau). Delamont is the CEO of a major company, but he's also freakishly paranoid and mildly psychotic. Anyways, Frédéric develops an unusual attraction for Nicolas, hiring him as his taster and molding him into a sort of younger clone of himself. The transformation is intense and engrossing, and Nicolas spirals into something he can't get himself out of, much to the dismay of his girlfriend, his friends, and his entire old life. He becomes just as addicted to Frédéric as Frédéric has become obsessed with him. It's not an erotic thriller. There's actually (and surprisingly) very little sex in the film. The tension is completely built on the passions of the characters and intensity for which each is confounded by the opportunities that confront them. It's a great watch for an easy night at home. 7.5/10

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