Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Movie Watch!

I haven't had time to review the last seven movies I've seen, so I'll keep it quick:

1) Secretary - Love and masochism find a way to co-exist in this twisted tale set in a law office. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal (good) and James Spader (weird) in a somewhat slow, very dark and very dry romantic comedy (?) of sorts. 5/10

2) The Ten - Somewhat uneven collection of ten vignettes based on the ten commandments. Uproariously hilarious at times, painfully drab at others, it goes to show just how useless Jessica Alba is as a human being. 6.5/10

3) Get Real - Decent tale of young gay love between a middle-class sweetheart and a wealthy jock. A fairly good watch, but it felt like a play (likely because it was based on a play). 6/10

4) Beautiful Thing - Bland, indistinct tale of young gay love in a London housing project. Bore me. 4/10

5) Black Book - The director of such masterpieces as Showgirls and Starship Troopers (as well as RoboCop and Basic Instinct) returns with this sharp (if slightly too long) look at World War II from the eyes of a beautiful young Jewish woman willing to do what she had to do to last through the war in Nazi-occupied Netherlands. 7.5/10

6) Avenue Montaigne - Exceptionally charming tale of a gamine young woman from the country who moves to Paris to change her life. Like a modern Amelie, except with slightly less magical charm and more of a realism slant on Parisian romance. Very good watch. 8/10

7) Latter Days - Story of a Mormon missionary in L.A. that falls in love with his manwhore neighbor, which results in all sorts of trouble. Campy beyond belief, more known for its sex scenes than anything else, but Steve Sandvoss is undeniably attractive. Watch it on mute. 5/10

More pictures and full reviews to come...

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