Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seattle Tidbits

What you learn when you're away from the city:

- 4004 One Lincoln Tower in Bellevue is an exceptional apartment. One caveat: the rent at the luxe penthouse is a frightening $14,000 a month. Ouch.

- Crazy chaotic children are terrorizing Bremerton.

- A 1998 ferry is up for auction on eBay. Starting price? $4.5 million.

- First the SLUT, now the ASS. Oh, Mayor Nickels!

- This is what you miss when you're not in Seattle. I love Read it!

1 comment:

David said...

I actually find Seattlest a little... dry. I read it in Google Reader, of course, but I don't enjoy it nearly as much as reading the Slog. They definitely have different audiences, though.