Sunday, November 02, 2008

Have You Been Watching "Gossip Girl"?

You really need to be watching what New York is calling "The Greatest Show of Our Time." That's right, "Gossip Girl." From the wonderful mind of Josh Schwartz comes the best show since "The O.C.," for which he also served as executive producer. It truly is like he learned all his mistakes the first time around and has since gone on to avoid the lame conventions of teen soaps. Oh wait, no he hasn't. He still uses the same lame conventions - teenage lesbianism! teenage drug use! teenager from the wrong side of the tracks! - but manages to make them SPECTACULAR. It's easy to hate the characters. Some of them are written that way. Take Dan Humphrey, the Brooklyn boy caught in the sadly not make-believe world known as the Upper East Side. He's supposed to be so noble and good and talented at writing, but everybody, including the writers, knows what a grade-A douchebag he is. And his sister Jenny? Somehow even more retarded and annoying. The best characters, the ones we empathize with most, are the two most conventionally diabolical and exceptionally shallow Upper East Siders, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. They dress in the most absurdly exaggerated manner, they think almost entirely of themselves, and they are nothing like anybody you would ever like in real life. But nobody cares, because THEY'RE AWESOME. And Nate Archibald, aka Chace Crawford? Somewhere between hot and creepy. Weird man bangs, wooden acting, something that comes far too close to pedophilic incest to be acceptable...sounds awful, right? But he's just young, dumb, and full we'll let it slide for now. For now. In any case, you just need to watch this show, for your own sake!

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