Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roberto Cavalli + Your Dog = Leopard Puppies

Your dog isn't spoiled enough with the peasant wares of Juicy Couture Doggy. You need to upgrade to something more refined and up to the level of your too-good-for-tap-water pooch. That's why, god forbid, Roberto Cavalli came up with a new line of...stuff...for dogs. Petwear? In any case, there's some satin robes with the Cavalli logo embroidered on the back, a carrier that resembles a guillotine, and (my personal favorite) leopard-print dog outfits. Because your dog's psychologist doesn't have enough issues to deal with, he can now add puppy identity crisis to the list. Really. Some people have those for their dogs. No joke. :(

Thanks to The Cut

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