Thursday, October 05, 2006

The newly edited version is now up here The Lovely, Lonely Polar Bear.

And here's the story:

The Lovely, Lonely Polar Bear

Once upon a time, Clif was just a regular, lovely polar bear. His coat of fleece was the brightest, most beautiful white. Sadly, as the years passed, more and more of his fellow arctic dwellers found themselves meeting tragic ends. Melting arctic caps led some to drown, while others met their fate at the hands of intrepid, idiotic explorers. One day, feeling lonely and confused, Clif decided to try his luck at the city life. Unfortunately, he found himself an alien in a confusing, deceiving world. There was no room for this tundra-roaming beast amongst all the celebrated penguins. Loneliness and insecurity consumed Clif. Where was his arctic utopia?

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