Sunday, October 01, 2006

In the simple scheme of things, everything is as it seems.

So, the world will arrange itself justly. Tonight, I watched The Science of Sleep. It was truly something to appreciate. Gael Garcia Bernal (pardon my lack of accents) is a marvel, from Y Tu Mama Tambien to The Motorcycle Diaries. Charlotte Gainsbourg, for those of you who don't know, has been famous for quite a long time. She was in 21 Grams, but most don't remember. She's the daughter of Jane Birkin (a famous, impossibly chic French chanteuse et actrice) and Serge Gainsbourg (a big French songwriter). She's been in movies since she was much younger, has been beloved across Europe, and only recently started catching American eyes in very recent years. She, like her half-sister Lou Doillon, has also been capturing la couer de la mode in recent years. She's quite amazing, really. It's all in the effortless way they put their pieces together, so much ease and refinement. But anyways, the leads in the film were spectacular to say the least.

Did you know that, back when London was the biggest city in the world, all the crossbeams on all the electrical posts were constructed so that they faced London, so that travellers would always know whether they were going towards or heading away from town?

Whenever I'm homesick and/or bored, I go home shopping for houses in the Seattle area. And I've realized that it'll be difficult to afford a house around there once I graduate. The housing market continues to boom, and will do so until midway through 2007. Then it's expected to slow down, but that's a relative term. But there are truly some fantastically gorgeous homes in the area! Ah, if only I had a few million to throw around...

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