Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Marc Alert!

Marc Jacobs' fall/winter 2007 show was yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. It had all the mature sophistication of Yves St. Laurent (the actual YSL, not Tom Ford or Stefano Pilati) mixed with the sleek, youthful charm of Miuccia Prada's Miu Miu last collection, with a hint of Raf Simons for Jil Sander for good measure. It was a little bit Bonnie (of "& Clyde") and a little bit Diana Vreeland. So I really don't know why I loved it so much, seeing as it felt so familiar, but Marc Jacobs mixed it up and added his own signature charm, and pretty much everybody is biased to love Marc anyways, so there you go. Everybody's going to be crazy about it for the next six months, until he shows for next spring, so just deal with it. I loved it.

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