Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Lovely...

Also check out...

- Jovovich-Hawk - Model/actress/"singer"/designer Milla Jovovich and her less notable cohort Carmen Hawk are so impossibly cool and so impossibly stylish right now, it's amazing. Their dresses are big sellers, and their fall collection looks as light and perfect as ever.

- Marchesa - Their spring show sucked balls. Hard. The hems were unfinished and it all looked like floating piles of shit. But, alas, their latest collection shows how badly Harvey Weinstein's girlfriend (aka Georgina Chapman) and that other girl want to redeem themselves. It was beautiful, and a heullva lot more polished than before. Good work! A for improvement!

- Oscar de la Renta - Perfect coats and amazing sweaters, awesome cardigans and furs and suits and everything. It was just perfect, polished, and spot-on for his target customer. He's always a big seller at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle, catering to all the Puget Sound ladies-who-lunch. They'll be well-dressed for fall.

- Ellen DeGeneres! I love her, and she's on the cover of the new March issue of W! Congratulations! She's also hosting the Oscars, so watch out. It should be awesometown.

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