Saturday, June 02, 2007

Enviable Couple

Jacquetta Wheeler and Alexi Lubomirski are nearly the most perfect New York couple of the moment, even if neither is originally from New York. She's the lithe, gamine, tomboyish, English swan supermodel (that's quite a range of adjectives, but they all fit) who has done every ad from Gap to Gucci. He's the incredibly handsome Russian photographer who used to be work under Mario Testino's guidance. They simply look perfect. Together, they've hosted a set of lovely fundraisers, including Jacquetta's own 2nd Annual Trivial Pursuit Quiz Night at the Gramercy Park Hotel, which raised money for the Darna Center for Girls in Tangier, Morocco, this past week. They're gorgeous, talented, and charitable. They should have a ton of children.

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