Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

This is the type of thing that keeps ads on my blog, so suck it up and get used to it.

I've gone through the whole jeans shopping process for at least a good week of my life, I'm quite sure. That said, here are the current favorites in my closet:

1) Habitual 'Skinny Little Sister' jeans in The City wash - Perfectly skinny and super-long, which allows for agreeable bunching and gathering. Very nice back pockets too. The dark indigo wash is absolutely awesome, and they're the first jeans I've ever worn that were amazing enough to get two Bellevue...teenage stop dead in their tracks and comment on how they're "like, freaking the cutest jeans, like, ever." Like, whatever! Either way, they're surprisingly comfortable and haven't really stretched too much yet. They have them at Revolve Clothing, but I guarantee I spent nowhere near $200 on them. Not even $100. Yay!

2) Corpus 'Rye' jeans in Rinse wash - I got them from Revolve Clothing on sale, which I then used a coupon code on and got for an extra 20% off the sale price. Anyways, they're slim, but not skintight, meaning they're perfect with many more types of shoes and occasions. Corpus jeans run true to size, so I probably should've sized down, but I didn't. The wash is almost black, but not over-dyed, which means that they're a little more like raw denim than true black denim. Either way, they feel sturdy as can be, but the label says hand-wash or dry-clean. I'll figure that out when I get to that point...

3) Kasil 'Whitman' straight leg jeans in Baltic Blue wash - Azalea in San Francisco, now, has some amazing clearance items from time to time, which is where I got these jeans for like $41, off from some extremely absurd price. They're simple and wearable and I wear them all the time when I don't feel like thinking about what I'm wearing. I think that means they're my "default jeans." It's nice not having to think about that, which makes their awesomeness even more awesome.

Who doesn't love comfortable denim? Is there anything more perfect than the perfect pair of jeans? And wouldn't it be nice if you clicked on any of the ads on the right side of this blog? I sure think so!

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