Saturday, December 01, 2007

The New (Zealand) It Boy

If James Blunt were hilarious instead of mopey, 6' instead of 5'7", adorkable instead of a tool, and had a hot (albeit vaguely unintelligible) New Zealand accent, he'd be Bret McKenzie. He makes up one half of the absurdly funny folk comedy/music/writing/acting/whatnot duo Flight of the Conchords, along with fellow Kiwi Jemaine Clement. He's an odd one. Actually, both he and his father were in Fellowship of the Ring. Go figure. And even weirder is that he looks better with facial hair than without. Anyways, he's hilarious, the show is hilarious, all is wonderful. The first season of their HBO show is now on DVD, so Netflix that ASAP.

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