Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Accidental Heartthrob

The title of this article from TIME says it all. Romain Duris is part of a new generation of astounding young French actors, just as James McAvoy is leading a new age of leading men across the English Channel. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find photos of him because, unlike McAvoy, he hasn't been in anything that has hit it big in America. It's bizarre, considering his penchant for full-frontal nudity classically handsome features. Nonetheless, I present a choice selection of the better pics. Actually, the lack of pictures probably stems from the fact that he has nowhere near the grasp of English accents that McAvoy has virtually perfected. Whatever, he's still hot. Dans Paris, starring the equally tall, dark, and talented Louis Garrel, comes out on DVD in America this March.

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