Saturday, December 06, 2008

Things People Want for Christmas - Part I

And by people, I mean me, or anybody else who happens to have the same taste as me. Here's a short list for now:
1 - Bed Stu Stentorian Oxford
Urban Outfitter has this incredibly attractive shoe. Black is fine and all, but a beautiful shade of grey is a surprisingly effective perfect antidote to a drab, grey sky. Add something as simple as dark, slim, straight-leg jeans and a nice, crisp, white shirt, and you have yourself a winning combination. Not bad at all for $78!
2 - A.P.C. Narrow Tunisian Pullover
Navy blue and light beige, cotton-cashmere blend, buttoned placket, lovely stripes. On sale for $133, if they have any left. Actually, anything from A.P.C. is pretty much a worthwhile choice. Plus, they're having a sale right now!

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Roland said...

yeah yeah ok what size are you