Sunday, December 07, 2008

Things People Want for Christmas - Part II

1 - Filson Tote Bag with Zipper
For quite some time now, the tote bag has slowly been replacing the messenger bag as the handsome option for men to haul their stuff. Who better than Filson, the Seattle-based maker of extremely masculine hunting gear, to make a tote bag that just won't quit? Attractive in tan, and available in otter green as well. But I suggest you stick to tan.
Available from Filson or Steven Alan for $130.

2 - A.P.C. New Standard in Raw Indigo in Raw Indigo
For the denim equivalent of the Filson tote, it's hard to beat A.P.C.'s most-beloved classic. Stiff as a board and completely raw to start, these jeans will eventually break down exactly the way you want them to. Just give it a few months, and you'll easily have the best pair of jeans in your closet. Also goes well with everything I've listed here so far. The price recently went up from $140 to $155, so might as well get them before the price goes up again.

3 -Shipley & Halmos Whitman Sport Shirt - White
A guy will need a nice white shirt to match his new jeans, shoes, and pullover, so why not get something new and quietly amazing like this Shipley & Halmos take on the classic? It's cut well, and it's on sale at Barneys for $69.

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