Sunday, February 12, 2006

POTD: This is Edmonds-Woodway's Adventure Club on our hike to the Monte Cristo ghost town, March 6th, 2005. I remember the night before was the pseudo-birthday party I pseudo-planned for Tom, and we had watched 'The Ring,' and I actually didn't sleep at all the entire night. I had to be at school at 6 AM that morning. On no sleep. Geez. Then we hiked 4 miles up the foothills. I had no idea it would be covered in snow and ice. It was actually a comfortable temperature, but I just wasn't expecting snow and ice in early March. I should have, I just didn't. The ghost town was covered in more than a foot of snow, it was rather ridiculous, but somehow rather awesome. I still remember so much of it, which is bizarre, being from so long ago. Good times. In the photo, there's me, Andy Hart, Sara, Channy and a whole hoard of random other people from E-W. Seriously, the most random assortment of people ever. Then we walked 4 miles back down. Wow. It was just ridiculous. And I miss it. Posted by Picasa

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