Friday, May 11, 2007

Movie Watch! - The Last King of Scotland

I'm finally home for the summer! Let the endless movie-watching commence!

The Last King of Scotland (2006) - The portrait of two men: one quickly descending into the disturbing reality that he has rashly created for himself, and the other falling prey to the vicissitudes inevitable of any leader who rises through a coup. James McAvoy (the former) and Forest Whitaker (the latter) never cease to captivate in this alternately gorgeous and gruesome political thriller. Kerry Washington is a wrenching marvel to behold, so delicately tangled in the aberrant webs that chance upon her. Frightfully honest performances keep this gripping story afloat. 9/10


Is it wrong that I wanted to jump James McAvoy, even after his naïveté and his arrogance secured his fate? I'd like to think not.

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