Sunday, May 27, 2007

Movie Watch! - Son frère

Son frère (2003) - Bruno Todeschini (Le Dernier Jour) and Eric Caravaca star as Thomas and Luc, two brothers in Paris who have drifted apart over the years. Reunited after Thomas learns he has a serious blood disorder, this film by director Patrice Chéreau focuses on the resignation from life and the resolutions people have after such life-changing news. It was, in a word, intense. So emotionally intense that it was almost painful. It was, in typical French fashion, sparse, quiet, focused, and extremely symbolic. I swear only a French movie would use pubic hair as one of the story's central symbols. Well, body hair is general is important, but pubic hair becomes the strongest symbol of the protagonist's loss of dignity and resignation to continue. Todeschini's performance, which earned him a César nomination, is incredibly powerful and honest. The direction is fragile and passionate. Not a feel-good summer film by any long shot, but if you feel up to it, it's a worthy film. 7/10

Sidenote: This probably shouldn't follow a review of this movie, but Bruno Todeschini is extremely gorgeous when he isn't, well, dying. Sorry. I couldn't resist. And I really don't mind that he's 45 years old. Sorry. I couldn't resist.

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