Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fall 2007 - Alexander McQueen

Was it a crime to produce a show filled with so many commercially-viable looks? Well, not exactly. But under the guise of something wicked, tortured, evil, and occult, maybe the commercial clothing wasn't exactly a perfect fit. From start to end, there were endless suits to wear to the office and dresses to wear at night, and I don't have a problem with that at all. Although it lacked a certain McQueen flair, just like his critically-maligned sci-fi/Greek goddess/corporate sellout show a few years back, there was still very much to like in here indeed. His attempts at his famous body-sculpture pieces and his signature catsuits felt somewhat lost and misguided in the witchy/Egypt theme. Some of the denim and shearling looks seemed to promote his new McQ line a little too obviously, but whatever works, right? I don't know, I just think stripped of all the theatrics, this was a very desirable collection that will serve McQueen well in his quest for profitability. So sue me.

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