Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fall 2007 - Miu Miu

Yikes. How to describe this latest attempt from Miuccia Prada? Well, that's a harsh way to start. There were several very lovely pieces in there, you just had to know where to look. The show was the Miuccia-typical high-concept affair, although this time it seemed to have faltered maybe just a bit. Who knows, maybe in 12 months, we'll all realize she changed the direction of fashion (as she always does), but for now we'll just have to wait and see. To start, the proportions were new and old, with jackets tailored just slightly soft and paired with extra-large pleated skirts. The colors were extremely monochromatic from head-to-toe, in camel, charcoal or black (a bold statement in a season of bold color). As the show went on, things loosened up a bit, with more familiar proportions and very wearable coats and party dresses, but kicked up a notch with signature Miu Miu attention to new fabrics and new patterns, this time with an intense focus on texture. The silvery midnight blue lurex brocade, used for coats and pants and everything in between, really struck a chord, as did the punch-red silks and cashmeres. The show ended with hoards of leather jackets and skirts, which just looked rather uncomfortable, no matter what the season. But in the end, it's the shoes and bags that will get everybody rushing into the stores, and those were all right on target this season, most especially the preppy spectator pumps for girls and the wingtips for guys. The pictures I included aren't meant to sum up Miuccia's overall themes. Rather, I chose what I thought were the five prettiest, most wearable looks, all of which are likely to hit stores.

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