Friday, March 23, 2007

Movie Watch! - Sommersturm

I just watched Sommersturm (which is German for Summer Storm) and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a decent movie, seeing as it had gotten mostly positive reviews on Netflix and whatnot. And that's pretty much what I got - an unpretentious coming-of-age story that spliced in sex, comedy, sports, friendship, romance, and maybe a few other topics together in a way that didn't seem forced or unbelievable. Unlike many of its American counterparts, the script didn't obsess with cliches, nor did I mind when it wandered into somewhat familiar territory. Campy, yes, but at least it owns up to that fact. Surprising indeed. The real hidden treasure happened to be the mostly English soundtrack, much less obnoxious than you'd expect from a film like this. Here's the complete list:
  1. "Blonde on Blonde" by Nada Surf
  2. "Shake the Foundation" by Radio 4
  3. "Willkommen" by Rosenstolz
  4. "Los, Wixen" by Niki Reiser
  5. "Auf ins Bergische" by Niki Reiser
  6. "We’ll Never Know" by Roman Fischer
  7. "Maltes Kuss" by Niki Reiser
  8. "Flames" by VAST
  9. "Verwirrt" by Niki Reiser
  10. "Achim" by Niki Reiser
  11. "Getaway" by Roman Fischer
  12. "Jim’s Theme" by Niki Reiser
  13. "Coming Out" by Niki Reiser
  14. "Catch Me" by Kerosin
  15. "We Oh We" by The Hidden Cameras
  16. "Crooked Lines" by The Go-Betweens
  17. "For Lovers" by Wolfman/Pete Doherty
  18. "The Power of Love" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  19. "Sommersturm" by Niki Reiser
  20. "The Summer We Had" by Nova International
I would say that if you had a Netflix account, it would be worth adding it to your queue. 'Twas a good, light, summer camp romance. 7.5/10

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