Friday, March 30, 2007

Movie Watch! - Come Undone

So many wonderful revelations today!

I just watched Presque rien (2000), a French film that was somehow translated into Come Undone for the American audience. Either way, it's the story of young Mathieu (^_^), whose family is staying near the sea for the summer while his mother recovers from her illness. Mathieu spends lazy days at the beach, until he meets Cedric, played by Stéphane Rideau. They ignite this crazy-passionate-lustful summer romance and it's all dandy for a while. Eventually, Mathieu realizes that he and Cedric are maybe very, very different people who just don't belong together. Mathieu is studying to become an architect, while Cedric is kind of a bum working at a carnival concessions stand making waffles. One of the pivotal scenes involves some really gorgeous castle ruins, I almost missed the dialogue because the scenery was so beautiful. The locations in this film are simply stunning, the acting is strong, and the directing is gentle, although it takes a bit of work to really understand what's going on. But I really did feel quite pleased after watching it. 9/10

In any case, Jérémie Elkaïm is gorgeous in a very laid-back, low-key kind of way. He's thin as a reed in that delicate way that's neither too skinny or too normal. His mess of cheveux bruns is devilish and boyish all at once. He doesn't look like he's particularly conceited, nor is he entirely readable. That's incredibly attractive, natch.

After watching the movie, I was scouting the IMDb boards on it when I discovered that Jérémie Elkaïm is currently playing the role of Paul Delorme on Le Bureau, the French version of The Office! And it just so happens that Paul Delorme is the French equivalent of Jim Halpert, my favorite Dunder-Mifflinite! Sweet coincidences abound!

There was a link on one of those IMDb forum pages to a French website,, which is exciting and all looking at the cast at Le Bureau, but what was really awesome were all the ads for the McOriental, which is apparently some crazy new sandwich at McDonalds locations in France. I can't tell exactly what makes it "McOriental," it just looks like a normal burger with a weird, flat bun. But, according to the French McDonalds website, it is made from "Oriental bread" with ground beef prepared with onions, coriander, and cumin, topped with a special sauce that might be slightly spicy. Which actually sounds really good now that I think about it.

So I Google McOriental and the first thing I can find is the blog of some guy studying abroad of something. He described the lovely McOriental meal, which inexplicably, includes potato chips instead of fries. Anyways, what I found interesting is that there apparently used to be a sandwich at McDonalds locations in Spain that was called - wait for it - the McMexico. Zing!

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